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Our Payouts

Pool is paying 100% of Waves fees and 80% of MRT earned by Node. And 50 BoxiNode per forged block. Read more

BoxiNode Token

Pool is paing BoxiNode token additional to all payouts. Purpose of this token is to encourage leasers. Read more


Pool have goals. By reaching this goals we start to pay more for leasers who achive this goals with us. Read more


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Goal of generating balance

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  1. Go to Waves Wallet
  2. Click leasing tab
  3. Then click start lease and enter in recipient this address: 
  4. Now enter amount and click start lease, then confirm
  5. Done

The payouts are schedule once a month while we have small leasing balance. Payouts for holding BoxiNode will every month .

It denepends from many factors such as amount of your leased WAVES, amount of transactions in Waves blockchain and on a little bit lucky.

No. But as the fee to start a leasing is 0.001 WAVES there is no sense sending less than that amount.

You can just lease yo our node or get it on WAVES dex in pair WAVES/BoxiNode

You can ask any questions in our telegram group