Airdrop 200,000

Airdrop 200,000

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Hello everyone.
Proof of previous 100k balance airdrop: one, two
I’m going to launch another one airdrop for leasers. When start? Today(31 July). So, only the one requirement to participate:
1. Minimum lease amount: 50 WAVES

When the airdrop will happen?
As only generating balance will reach 200000 the snapshot will happen and then in 7 days airdrop will come. The progress of generating balance can be followed there:

What will be airdropped?
WAVES and BoxiNode token. Every leaser will get 200 BoxiNode and 0.2 WAVES

Node address: 3P2cC7cwEwnz4z6RFyx7DWnWCtTHBcaL53P

Let’s begin!